Welcome to Forlaget mellemgaard // mellemgaard Publishing

Mellemgaard Publishing is a professional publishing house located in Odense, right in the heart of Denmark and the birthplace of our beloved fairy-tale writer H.C. Andersen.

This proud legacy gives us a natural interest and openness to all sorts of literature regardless of genre or theme. It is our philosophy that all literature is valuable and deserves a chance in life – maybe the next H. C. Andersen is waiting for just that chance in a world where no one believes in him.

Much like The Little Match Girl, we see it as our proud obligation to light the way for Danish literature.

This vision and mission of ours has resulted in mellemgaard Publishing being the foremost publisher of Danish poetry and new Danish literature in a report by the Danish Book and Literature Panel under the Ministry of Culture and Palaces.

Recent years have shown an increased interest in Danish literature, and we aim to expand our collection of books to readers outside the borders of Denmark.

Please contact our foreign rights department for more information and reading copies, or receive a copy of our Danish and English catalogues for inspiration.






Are you the next great author?


Make your dream a reality!


Here at mellemgaard Publishing we pride ourselves with a broad and varied catalogue of books of all genres and styles. We are not afraid to put our team to work on helping new and untraditional authors make their break-through because we believe that everyone has a story to tell. To us a manuscript does not need to be perfect when we receive it, and we´re more than ready to help you polish your work.

At mellemgaard Publishing we help authors and authors-to-be realize their dream and have their stories published.  We offer professional editing, graphical design, and proofreading. We also make sure that the book is marketed right, and that it can purchased on equal terms with all other published books. We publish books in both paper format and as E-books. Publishing is usually done with economic support from the author through a direct contribution, a fund, a sponsorship, or the like.

mellemgaard mainly publish books in Danish, but we also carry books in English in our selection. We encourage you to send us you work if it is written in English. We sell our English books on our website, in Danish bookstores, and on Amazon.

When we receive your manuscript, one of our editors will decide if it has potential to be published. We make our best effort to always answer within a week. You can send your manuscript through mail and e-mail. Please send a short résumé of your work and a few details about yourself when you send us your manuscript. Your mail or e-mail must also contain your name, address, phone number, and e-mail. We won´t send your manuscript back to you through mail unless you add a prepaid envelope with your manuscript.

If you have a manuscript or an idea worth publishing, feel free to contact us. Our editors will read manuscripts of all genres, and we will make an evaluation free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Send your manuscript as an attached file to:

Or as mail to:

Forlaget mellemgaard ApS
Kragsbjergvej 22, 1.
DK-5000 Odense C


When you are published at mellemgaard, professionals are with you all the way. The process is as follows:

  1. Evaluation of the manuscript

When you have sent your manuscript to mellemgaard, you will receive an evaluation within a week. This evaluation will also say whether mellemgaard is interested in publishing your work in its current form.

  1. Editing

In this phase your editor will help improve your language and composition, and you will receive feedback on your manuscript. Afterwards you will have a chance to improve your manuscript with the feedback you have been given. Lastly your editor will go through the manuscript one more time and help you get the last details right.

  1.  Graphical design

Our graphical designer will make a cover for the book and make sure the layout is perfect. When it is ready, you will receive it for you to evaluate. At mellemgaard the author always has the last say.

  1. Proofreading

Lastly the book is proofread by one of our certified proofreaders.

  1. Sales and marketing

At this phase it is all about getting the book sold. mellemgaard has sales and marketing coordinators, who will be in contact with you. We are connected to stores, papers, and digital news outlets. We make press materials, flyers, posters, and we will send copies out for review. We will help arrange book signings and a general sales campaign. We will promote the book on social media and on our blog. We make banner ads for the big news sites. Each year we make a physical catalogue for the bookstores to browse. You can see an example of such a list on our website, where they can be found as PDFs. We have regular deals with the bookstores. You are always welcome to meet with us and be an active part when we make a publishing strategy. We bring our books to the various book fairs. We also have an author´s guide that will give you a more concrete idea of how you yourself can help promote your work. mellemgaard has many years of experience in publishing and sales, and we will do our best to give your book wings to fly!

If you still have questions for us, feel free to fill out the form below or send us your manuscript, idea, or resume for a book project to this e-mail: