Welcome to Forlaget mellemgaard // mellemgaard Publishing

Mellemgaard Publishing is a professional publishing house located in Odense, right in the heart of Denmark and the birthplace of our beloved fairy-tale writer H.C. Andersen.

This proud legacy gives us a natural interest and openness to all sorts of literature regardless of genre or theme. It is our philosophy that all literature is valuable and deserves a chance in life – maybe the next H. C. Andersen is waiting for just that chance in a world where no one believes in him.

Much like The Little Match Girl, we see it as our proud obligation to light the way for Danish literature.

This vision and mission of ours has resulted in mellemgaard Publishing being the foremost publisher of Danish poetry and new Danish literature in a report by the Danish Book and Literature Panel under the Ministry of Culture and Palaces.

Recent years have shown an increased interest in Danish literature, and we aim to expand our collection of books to readers outside the borders of Denmark.

Please contact our foreign rights department for more information and reading copies, or receive a copy of our Danish and English catalogues for inspiration.